Where is the Book?

This site crashed, which is not such a bad thing.   The book it contained as posts was badly in need of revision.   I have vague notions of revising its relative, the huge novel Society Changed, but I doubt if I will ever have time, especially since by the time I have gone through it once, the underlying technology has changed enough to make it obsolete.  Updating Social Tech High is a smaller and almost finite  project.

While being a self-contained novel, Social Tech High focuses on one of the more attractive and interesting characters from Society Changed.  Kelly Phillips is the biological daughter of Sally Aston, who married Drake Phillips before Kelly was born.  The couple were founders of the Technological Fantasies organization, which created the Social Tech Highschool as part of their attempt to use and teach social technology.

As the picture inset into the header shows, the Social Tech Highschool itself was an inexpensively modified warehouse.  In order to implement a good school, they chose not to spend their money on a good school building.

I thought the text for this novel was lost, since the website crashed and I (oops) didn’t have a backup.  Nor could I find the PDF file on the parent hosted domain.  It didn’t seem to be on my hard drive either.  The Internet Archive (Wayback Machine) doesn’t save file attachments, and though they say the Internet never forgets, it seems to have some amnesia in my case.

Finally I found a set of recent HTML files on an old backup drive here.  Good enough.

So it will be possible to revise and update the novel, which I do think worth the effort, though as I say on my Books site, I discourage people from reading my experimental fiction.

I don’t have any idea how long it will take.  I am busy updating my large network of websites, which is also an unending project.  By the time I have gone through them once, technological change makes them at least obsolescent.

Though Social Tech High used a few characters from earlier work it was otherwise entirely new, written in a series of daily posts over a six week period.  It introduced several new characters and supplied a plot for something ignored in the earlier novels.

If you came here because of an interest in educational institutions, please see my Education website, which contains pointers to bits of fiction related to this old novel.

If you find a copy of the unrevised book floating around out there, please don’t read it.  I may at some point come up with an adequate revision and make it available, but for now I have more urgent priorities, including software related to that in the book — but which is potentially very dangerous in the hands of the wrong people.

As I said, Social Tech High is a cousin of  small parts of the overwhelming Society Changed,  (Don’t read that either, but I have posted some excerpts from it in various places.)  The website for that novel is under recovery as well, but may be repaired by the time you get to it.  Social Tech High is not entirely consistent with Society Changed, but the differences are not terribly significant and will be corrected in the future.

It is much more consistent with the earlier novel based on the concept of Technological Fantasies, and I have a website of that name, but it is not actually devoted to the book.  (Yet?).   It was an extremely bad idea to have a website with that name, and insisting on its front page that it was not a sex site didn’t help (oops!) — various filters designed to protect the young and innocent are likely to block it.  (And now maybe this one too?).

Anyway, I have vague notions of revising all these books someday, as I’m strangely fond of them, but as I said above, I have much higher priorities right now.  Please see my personal home page or my Social Technology site for more information.